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Naamloos document

As an international procurement company, I2S provides services to its customers in the search of materials, most convenient to their needs at low cost. I2S, together with its customers, searches for optimal solutions to improve their economics. With reduced costs and low overheads,I2S is able to offer very competitive rates with a high degree of efficiency. With its offices in Aartselaar, I2S has an excellent starting base: the possibility to procure in different neighbouring countries, such as Holland, France, Germany and the UK made easy through an efficient network of rail and road transport. Antwerp, known for heavy industries such as oil refining and chemicals, is an ideal location to search for equipment and raw materials.

With its warehouse facilities, logistics (such as the reception of goods, packing, marking, loading and shipping by sea or air) are done by I2S’ own resources, in a professional way, fast and at low cost. Brussels international airport, as well as the port of Antwerp, have excellent links with African ports and cities and add to the value of I2S services, guaranteeing prompt action and shipping to destination. With its varied in-house expertise, I2S offers support to (but not limited to) mining industries, petroleum installations, hotels, camp sites and restaurants. With these sectors in mind, I2S can handle supplies in any other industrial activity or production unit. Our technical know-how therefore assists any in-house procurement department in the choice and search of equipment, spare parts, consumables or raw materials. I2S can furthermore offer services in project development, management, budget preparations and technical studies, as well as complete production units. The I2S partners have proven to assist and participate in this activity on past projects.

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